The engineering of human transformation

The Inner Evolution method is the basis on which the entire structure of the Study Center is based, and they are the nucleus of all the activities carried out within the world movement Beyond Inner Global Movement.

The 14 premises of the inner evolution method®:

1. -Don't search outside

Because no method can do anything to transform you or lead you to the mystery.

2. -Don't help anyone who doesn't ask you

Because if something would be solved from the outside, it would invalidate the potentiality.

3. -You don't need an internal teacher

Because when you awaken inner mastery, the authority of the leader that is already in you is born.
Because if you aimed to achieve goals you would demand yourself, you would be distracted and you would leave yourself.
Because not knowing is what recovers your innate power and essential wisdom.
Because the purpose of life is that you free yourself when you conquer yourself.
Because healing is a new integration of masteries that comes with the charm of the newborn.
Because dissatisfaction with what it is and what comes to us is a way of rejecting.
Because sacrifice is an unnecessary effort that would disconnect you from your dignity.
Because if you force yourself to comply or obey there will be pressure, guilt, judgment, and punishment.
Because desires are based on fear; and what matters is that you open yourself to love.
Because to flourish and give your best you don’t have to agree or not, for or against.
Because without freedom it is not possible to love, trust or be happy.
Because by offering what is not needed we are conditioning and manipulating.

«Created by Alverto José Varela, founder of the Conscious School, to be integrated into the lives of individuals who comprehend it »

Flowering – to Return I ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN: I enjoy the manifestation of my essence. I travel towards the realization of my Being emanating what I have brought and that is my unknown treasure. I am a conscious witness of what appears without identifying with it.
Transformation – Rebirth I LET GO THE ATTACHMENTS: Everything is left behind to be what I am. Cut with the chains that still bind me. I decide to stop being a character and go towards being. The dark night of the soul. The leap into the void. It starts all over again. Conscious innocence is born.
Potentiality – to Connect I GET IN TOUCH WITH MY REAL POWER: I become aware of the extent that what is inside of me can have. Inflection point. An irreversible situation that manifests itself in the expression of thought, action and feeling.
Essence – to Migrate I MOVE IN: I move towards my Being crossing the bridge with the danger that they will come looking for me. There may still be jams or setbacks. Relapses and moments of going back to sleep or forgetting.
Consciousness – to Awaken. I CONTEMPLATE THE ILLUSION: Stop sleeping. Light and love flood. See the distortion of reality caused by conditioned and limited perception. Live with the mystery. Recover memory. Get out of hypnosis. Stop interpreting.
Surrender – to Renounce I MAKE MYSELF AVAILABLE: Surrender, change destiny, stop fighting, let go of what doesn’t satisfy, stop supporting what doesn’t work. End point to the past and your known options.
De-Identification – to Deprogram I REMOVE MY MASKS: Recognize limiting beliefs. Realize the characters, observe beliefs. See the conditioning in identity. Consider living without lying or
Trust – to Flow I OPEN MYSELF TO THE UNKNOWN: leaving the external, comfortable, safe and known; stop depending, find the center within, predispose to what cannot be controlled. Regain innocence, open the heart.
Comprehension – to go Deeper I RELAX IN IMPOTENCE: Listen, receive, say yes, accept, thank, integrate, recover, reconcile, incorporate, consider, recognize, remember the soul. Enter the core of light and wisdom. Create a launch pad.
THE BIG JUMP. The real can come to be known by going through the false. The painful but liberating discovery of the truth. All of us who are carrying out different processes of Inner Evolution know that sooner or later the confrontational moment of making decisions will come to us, and it is on that frontier where the appropriate circumstances are offered to create a new and unknown internal and external space, it is the time in which a door opens to a universe of possibilities that, until that moment, we did not know.