The Method

Come and follow yourself

Since the beginning of time human beings have been on a spiritual search; two groups of seekers have always existed: the group of those who ask questions and the group of those who give answers. Said in a different way, the group of those who are awake and the group of those who are asleep; the wise ones and those who are ignorant. It could be said in this sense that the majority group consists of those who are lost or confused and the minority group are those who know how to respond or guide others towards a way out. An awakening has been associated with those who respond with wisdom… Which group are you in? Which group would you like to be in? Which group are you able to be in? These questions mark the beginning of an exciting journey towards your inner self. Since few people are ‘awake’, they accumulate much more power than those who are asleep and thus they can infiltrate the dreams of the sleeping ones to give the call to awaken. Until now this power to go into the inner self of other people had not been used to transfer the power to others, but rather to rob them of the small amount of power they still had. If they were searching for power, turning them into followers or disciples completely takes away the possibility of their empowerment.

What or who are you following at the moment? The intermediate step.

It is true that those who know, those who have been illuminated or have awoken their consciousness, have something to share with others; beyond the experiences, wisdom or comprehension that they have or have shown, they have always suggested more-or-less the same thing: FOLLOWING SOMETHING OR SOMEONE… The strategy of the sleeping mind is to get closer to a source of wisdom – be that a master, a guru or an eloquent philosopher – so that, after a process of falling in love, the person begins to follow the guide or their philosophy, proposal, or ideology… Definitively, they obey a call from something or someone who brings an answer or solutions and then they end up giving themselves over to being a follower or disciple. Until now this mechanism hasn’t served us much to empower spiritual seekers.

Inner Evolution®


The Inner Evolution method breaks this ancient paradigm whose tendency has been to encourage you to put your attention, your admiration and your love outside of yourself. We are proposing a solution inspired by you, for you and, as a result, for each one of us. We know that from a place of understanding which is contrasted with real life, everything that is directed inwards has the possibility of being turned into personal power, which can then be released towards the outside in a format redesigned by consciousness for us to share with everyone and everything around us through love, understanding, freedom and trust…

From potential to FLOURISHING

THE BASIS OF TRANSFORMATION. The process of converting inner potential into external flourishing is so amazingly transformative that we have named it Inner Evolution. Everything that afflicts you has a solution; you can transform your suffering into life, your conditioning into your greatest treasure, your limitation into pure potential. It is this conscious therapeutic-spiritual-philosophical method that we use in the retreats that the company INNER MASTERY INTERNATIONAL organises, where all kinds of shamanic resources are shared – including Ayahuasca, Kambo, Bufo etc – with the aim of activating the process of the inner master that each of our participants has inside of them, leading to an inevitable empowerment of themselves. This is the basis for being able to transform life.
Because of this, we are launching our offering on a global scale, having shown with thousands of people that what works is personal power which can be used in deep investigation of ourselves. What works is the power of each individual; not worshipping, honouring or devoting ourselves to something or someone outside of ourselves. This is why we say strong and loud: “Come and follow yourself”. It is a calling whose purpose is to take you back to the source of power that exists in you.