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Inner Evolution Retreats


What is included in this reservation?
  Medical and/or psychological counseling before the experience, if necessary.
  Accommodation and meals (breakfast, lunch and evening snacks).
  Participation in in-depth workshops with our facilitators, as well as spaces for a preparatory session before the evening session.
  Group integration workshops organized in the mornings, to share experience or to expand in your understanding of what is going on in your process.
  Ancestral tools offered during the night.
  Post-retreat gatherings, virtual or in-person, organized in your area (varies by group and time).

These prices are valid for
Turkish citizens

1 day and night 2,950 try
Additional sessions, each 1,950 try
3 nights, 3 days and 3 additional sessions 12,900 try


Banks details for TRYpayments

Account name: İÇSEL EVRİM
Iban: TR33 0001 0001 3897 4993 9950 01

For non-Turkish participants
prices are

1 day and night 220€
Additional sessions, each 140€
3 days, 3 nights and 3 additionals 950 €

Bank Details for EURO payment
Bank name: Ziraat Bankasi
Account Name: İCSEL EVRIM
Iban: TR 0600 0100 0138 9749 9399 5002
Swift code: TCZBTR2A

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Aug 30 2023 - Sep 03 2023


All Day